The idea for this site came to me one day when I was out running and had a short, unfortunate experience while crossing a crosswalk. (read about it here)  I continued my run – I was just under halfway in – and stewed about the driver the entire time.

Why can’t she drive?
What’s wrong with her?
Can’t people just do stuff the right way?

And thus was born this little corner of the Internet. Originally I was going to just complain about people doing things wrong and put my complaints online in kind of a funny way; you know, just like every other website about annoying things. But as I started to write and think, I started wondering what the good of doing that would be, and what such a website would actually do for the reader. Sure, it would be funny – something you could forward to your friends at work for a quick laugh and then forget about two minutes later. Oh, that guy is saying stuff that’s so true…

Turns out that’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want to just entertain – I wanted to inspire change. The problem with that intersection interaction wasn’t just that I was freaked out and that my run was delayed for about thirty seconds. It was also that the woman was a bit freaked out, and she was delayed for thirty seconds.

Both of our lives were just a little bit worse.

So…what if she had done it differently? Our lives would have been a little bit better.

That’s what I’m trying to do here – there are so many little things that we do in our lives that, if you stop and think about how you’re doing them, can be done just a bit better. And in doing so, you’ll make someone else’s day just that much more fun, but also your own.

Most of it boils down to “just think for a moment before doing something” – indeed, if you take anything away from this site it should be that sentence. But, it’s more fun to explore some specific situations and think about how small changes can really make a difference. Who knows? We all might end up making the world itself just 1% better; that’s a world I would like to live in.

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